Try this no-nonsense explanation of how loans and lending work.  Talk with a loan officer now to put together your strategy.  But don't expect a "good faith" quote without a buyer cost until 30-45 days before the a home is yours.  They can't quote earlier because financial markets change.  

But you can and should check current loan rates.  Try another source that predicts future loan rates. Try yet another loan rate site specifically aimed at our region.  Your attention will be rewarded.    

Before you pack, set aside documents you'll need to process a loan.  Alternate ways can usually be found to document your loan qualifications, but the best way is always to bring them with you.

Pre-qualifying for a Loan

We recommend that you get "pre-qualified" or even "pre-approved" for a loan.  Pre-qualifying involves a few minutes on-line or on the phone.  If your financial status is OK and if no erroneous data is on your credit report, you may be pre-qualified immediately to purchase a home with a given monthly payment.  If there are issues to deal with, you'll be glad you started early.  

Mike Goldman of Gold Financial Services is ready to help.  He broker's mortgages throughout the country to get you the best rate's possible from an array of loan sources. You are not obligated in any w ay by your calls or by completing an on- line application.  He's there to give you advice about how to devise your financial strategy.

You should not need to pay any up-front fees of any sort to Mike or to any lender until you are totally satisfied of what is best for you.  If you do, you may feel "hooked" when a lender quotes an "above market" rate and you feel financially obligated to continue.

Are you a Texas Veteran?  Here are some wonderful loan options from the Texas Veterans Land Board

Pre-approval for a Loan

 "Pre-approval" means that the lender guarantees your capability to purchase a home with a given sale price of a home based on interest rates prevalent at the time. It includes an in-depth credit analysis and involves substantially more interplay between you and the lender.  Getting pre- approved is not usually an essential part of your planning, unless you have credit issues identified during the pre-qualifying process.