We don't advertise our listings on this site because we want you to see the full scope of buying possibilities, not just sell our seller's properties. You'll see everything available here.

Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned investor, we'll be your advocate in your search for for a new or to-be-built home. Every builder offers  different incentives, often including undisclosed price reductions,  upgrade allowances and closing cost payments.   It is our job to discover  when, how and to what degree these will work for you and advise accordingly.   

Do your research here.  It is a wonderful tool to help narrow options.  We'll email you more details about any home. 

We don't discourage you from talking with a an agent advertising a specific property, but be aware that he or she does and MUST REPRESENT THE SELLER'S INTEREST.  The recommendation we would give is to BE NON-COMMITTAL.  Then, PHONE OR EMAIL FOR OUR ASSESSMENT.